Logistics - WEL Companies


Hundreds of trucks and trailers.

Logistics from WEL Companies

From cross-country major chains to regional operations, our customers trust us to move goods on time with no headaches or hassles. That extends to our LTL capabilities—we’re often called on to perform redeliveries or finish LTL orders others can’t.


–maximum flexibility and customization

With 800+ temperature-controlled trailers, our strength can benefit you. Plus, our eight temperature-controlled warehousing facilities give us the strategic edge from one end of the transaction to the other.

Redelivery and LTL

–a reputation for efficiency and safety

Our dry freight deliveries are driving positive word-of-mouth, thanks to extraordinarily few instances of damaged or missing goods.

Dedicated Delivery

–you decide where, when, how

Through the WEL Companies “Exclusive Use” program, you have a full-time, experienced driver and equipment at your disposal. This solution lets you dictate specified parameters for your shipping practices. As always, you’ll enjoy our unrivaled efficiency and security.

Yard Management and Shuttle Programs

–save time, save money, save headaches

Two programs from WEL Companies, Yard Management and Shuttle, are designed to eliminate the time and money you spend managing trailer loading/unloading and product movements between facilities, all so you can focus on your core competencies.